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😃 it worked great!!!

I just downloaded it. Simple, easy and it worked great!!!


Great app , quickly figures word and character counts

Incorrect word count

It gave me the incorrect word count by saying that I had, at least, 40 words more than I actually had. I was working off of google docs on my phone and there isn't a word count feature on the mobile app. So I went to download an app and I downloaded this one without reading the reviews and it gave me he completely wrong word count. When I did finally have access to a computer, I copied and pasted my work into word and found out that the word count was off. I will never use this app again even if they do improve it.


I hate this app don't get it. It deleted all my info! 🤔😛👌🏽🙀⬅️👏🏽🙃😒☺️😒😋😠

Doesn't even work

I put my paragraph in and the first thing it did was show an ad. Once I finally got back to the app it didn't even show the word count!

This ruined my life

I am a struggling writer, living by what i make off of the rat black market on books. therefour, it is very very important that my work gets saved. That happens to be a feature that this ap does NOT exel in. So the other day, i was bringing my books to the rats and the big one, Tony was wondering where the rest of my story was. Tony was the one with a big nasty mole on his nose, he was the big scary one. He started to trip me and mes me op and they stole all of my books. I live in the Broncs now and I'm also a self-employed constructon worker by day and writer (and lover) by night. Things have been tuff lately and the rats are always after me becuse i owe them big time. i would give the app a one star due to me now eating shoes, running from a rat mafia, living in a small apartment and screwing around with road signs by day and not actually having love. This ap has steeled my life and i would not recomend it to any on.

Doesn't work

I get that this isn't meant to actually write things in, and it just has the simple function of counting your words, which, honestly, pretty much every writing tool on the iPhone somehow avoided putting in. So, this would be useful for that small thing, but it doesn't even work for that. I pasted in a rap I wrote and it wouldn't tell me the number of words. This would be at least worth downloading for free, but it can't even do the one thing it's meant to do. Piece of crap.

Doesn't recognize copy and paste.

Type directly into the app or cram it sideways, your choice but don't think you're going to copy and paste because that doesn't work.

un- downloaded almost immediately

Wouldn't allow me to erase my original entry to check my word count again, even after repeatedly hard closing app and restarting ipad. Not worth your time.


It doesn't even work, and I try and try, but adds just pop up, stupid waste of time at the end of the day, it interferes with the class warm ups at school, and other things too. Don't waste your storage on this piece of crap.

It verksh

I likes der erp cuz et helpsh meh makes der letterz be countin. Den I likez countin der charackterz.


It works so I say it deserves feeve sters.


Won't give me a word count, which is literally why i downloaded this. I copy a story into it and wait for hours, nothing

Did not work for me

Could not get it to work.


It pretty much does what I need, although for some reason i am getting extra words is usually about ten words off... But other than that it's ok.

This App Does NOT work at all

Haha! This little app does not even provide a character count - a simple function it is designed to do. Don't waste your time. Move on.....

Innacurate word count

I use this app for business and an accurate word count for calculating the rate to charge my clients is critical. This app does not give an accurate word count. It's such a shame. When you compare it to WORD where the word count is accurate, this just doesn't hold a candle. It's inaccurate far more frequently than it is accurate. I'm taking it off my phone, and the search continues for a good solution. Bummed. :(

Worst App Ever

I was using this app to check my word count for NaNoWriMo and it said that I finally had my 50,000 words. I went to validate it on the website and it said that I only had 44,653 words. This app is 5,000 words off. DO NOT BUY THIS APP IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

Wrong Word Count

This doesn't even give you a valid word count. I would type in one word and it was count as two or type two words and count nothing at all. I don't know what's wrong, but this didn't work well for me.

terrible,useless,cannot count the actual number of words I type

terrible app

I love this app!!!!

This is absolutely amazing for my school assignments. Thank you :)

Really awful

The word count is invalid. While I was attempting to check my word count for namowrimo, I downloaded this app. It told me I was at 10,000 words. Upon checking with multiple other sources, I discovered I was only at 9,000 words.

Thank you so much

As someone doing NaNoWriMo, wordcount is important, and the google docs app not having a word count, it makes it hard to know how much I wrote in a word war or for the day. So being able to copy/paste my words into here and get a wordcount is wonderful.

Deletes your work

Unacceptable. A warning should be given at the very least.

You get what you pay for

I wanted something where I could cut and paste to get a quick word count, but you have to type it for the word count. That and it's so easy to hit the clear screen button. Well, you only had one job app...

You can't cut and paste into it

Insane! Useless! Jeez.

Works as expected!

Type your text, or paste it from another app, THEN press the space bar to begin counting. This app is not intended for saving text.


It's awesome. Get it. The reason it's not 5 star cause it glitch me our of it. Fix that and other bugs and u get full stars

Won't even load

When I open the app it immediately shuts itself down and it won't even get past the starting point. I wouldn't recommend this app

A warning would be nice

I understand if your app wasn't designed to write drafts directly into, but at least warn users that their text will eventually delete itself. I assumed that mine would remain as long as I didn't quit the app, and I ended up losing my college application essay. I had to use this app because I was at a relative's who did't have a computer, and I didn't use Notes because college app essays have a max word count. If I had known that my information would eventually delete itself no matter what I did, I would have transcribed it a lot earlier. So please, at least tell users that text will eventually delete. Or fix that feature.


I type something in and it doesn't show anything for how many words I typed its blank 0 stars it's worthless complete waste of time.

It's not correct

I use this to count my word total if I type on my phone but the word count is incorrect. Plus all the adds drive me up a wall!

Just what I wanted!

I hate having my phone texts sent as 2 messages. This app solves that problem! I can type it here, reword them to my character limit, then copy & paste! Perfect! Thx!

A tip for pasters

Put a space in it so it'll count everything. Or erase a character and retype it.

Perfect for me

I don't know what anyone else is doing, but I type all my stuff in my default Note Pad thingy. Copy it, paste it in here, click the spacebar at the bottom of your article or whatever piece you're working on, as if you were going to continue typing from your last pasted character, & boom. There it is. Done. around with it for 2 minutes & you'll see what I mean. It's perfect. Thx! :D

Id rate zero star if I can.

I don't type on the board in this app. I just copied and paste on it. It doesn't work at all. You have to type everything up to get it done. Not what I was expected at all.

It works!!

You have to write you're essay in notes and then copy and paste to this app!❤️

So much work for not...

Hi, I'm super sorry if you're offended by this, but I just typed a thing and I went to copy it when the entire thing deleted :/ So, in an update, when someone accidentally taps the "Clear Screen" button, could you let there be one or two rounds of, "Are you sure you want to delete the thing you worked on for the past hour? >Yes >No" 'Cuz that'd be great. I'm actually really angry right now, because I CAN'T GET IT BACK. PLEASE, AT LEAST MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH THE "REDO" BUTTON OR LET THERE BE A "RECOVER LAST" BUTTON. Now I have to go redo the entire message... I'm sorry if I offended you as an app-maker or viewer, but seriously? It's too late for this...



No one knows how to use this except me

This is not to type essays on it. You copy it from somewhere else to see what adjustments you have to make not to straight up copy paste it

Works fine

You need to type a letter after you paste your work! So stop complaining about it not working! Great app

This suks it dosent evan count the words

Worst app ever

Of no use to me. Don't bother downloading.

Can't paste in text to be counted. I'll be deleting this app immediately after I post this review.


Was doing an essay and left the app and my whole essay was gone!!!!! Agh

You guys don't know how it works.

I love this app and it works great.The ones complaining that when you copy and paste have to type a letter after the thing you pasted and then it counts the words you pasted,Duh.Then all you have to do is backspace the letter you typed and there you go.So please stop complaining that it doesn't work because it does.


This app deleted my 1,000 word paper!


This app is terrible! Several times I have been writing and all of a sudden everything I wrote disappears ! Which is really frustrating when I was writing a paper for school! There should be some way for a draft to be saved! This is crap!

Only counts what is typed in app, not pasted.

Echoing what others have said, this app does not count words or characters that you copy from another app and paste into this app. You must type in the characters within this app in order for it to work, while it bombards you with half a screen of ads. Fail.

Less than useless

It doesn't allow copying. What's written there stays there.

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